Course to support excellence in horse ownership

Published on 10 January 2023

RSPCA Victoria is inviting new and future horse owners to attend a new course in February to promote excellent horse care and responsible ownership. Many Victorians left the city and their suburban lifestyles behind during the pandemic and took up hobby farming as part of their new lives. The new course will teach the essential skills every horse owner needs to provide appropriate care for horses.

“We are delighted so many Victorians are interested in taking care of larger animals and, in this case, being responsible horse owners,” said Education & Training Manager at RSPCA Victoria Belinda Marchbank. “They can bring such a unique joy into our lives, but new horse owners may not realise exactly what their equine companion needs to live a healthy and happy life.”

Similar to RSPCA Victoria’s We Bought a Farmlet short course on farm animal care, Equine Excellence is designed for current and prospective horse owners alike. Equine Excellence is filled with practical skills and knowledge for every horse owner  and aims to promote best-practice responsible horse care in Victoria. Participants will receive comprehensive information regarding horse and pony ownership to optimise their animal’s health and welfare from the moment of purchase.

RSPCA Victoria is providing a panel of three experienced experts who will outline practical ways of providing for a horse and pony’s needs and how to keep happy and healthy animals. Attendees will discuss the specific needs of horses and ponies while engaging in hands-on activities designed to illustrate and teach appropriate equine animal care. Classes are kept small to encourage questions and enhance participants’ learning experience during the course.

Attendees will learn:
– How to promote important natural behaviours in the horses
– How to work safely around horses
– How to use the equipment needed to care for horses properly
– Preventative health and management measures
– Factors to consider when purchasing or adopting a horse or pony
– How to identify signs of good health and welfare
– What to do if your horse’s ‘normal’ begins to change
– What to include in a basic first aid kit for horses and how to use these items in an emergency

Equine Excellence takes place onsite at RSPCA Burwood on Saturday, 18th February. Participants must be 14 years or older and will receive a certificate upon their completion of the course. Places for the course can be booked by calling 03 9224 2286 or online here.

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