Budget announcements support care and protection for animals

Published on 3 May 2022

RSPCA welcomes animal welfare budget announcements

RSPCA Victoria welcomes today’s announcement that the Victorian Budget 2022/23 includes $18.6 million to support vital animal care and protection services.

Dr Liz Walker, CEO of RSPCA Victoria, said the allocated $18.6 million directly responds to key animal welfare challenges in the state and will help to tangibly improve the lives of Victorian animals.

“We are pleased to see animal welfare recognised in today’s budget, including funding to support the progression of Victoria’s new animal welfare legislation, the Animal Care and Protection Act, along with a regulatory framework to support pet rehoming, which RSPCA Victoria has advocated for.

“We commend the government’s commitment to modernising the legislation, and as the most trusted animal welfare organisation in Victoria, we look forward to seeing the progression and development of a contemporary animal welfare act. This important new legislation will provide a better framework for RSPCA Victoria’s Inspectorate to carry out its vital work in the community.”

“RSPCA Victoria is particularly pleased to see the Government will deliver Victoria’s first comprehensive cat management strategy. Addressing overpopulation and responsible cat ownership will create better welfare outcomes for pet cats and Victoria’s precious wildlife.”

RSPCA Victoria is also supportive of budget funding for Victoria’s first-ever pet census, aimed at gathering vital information to better understand trends and issues in pet ownership, a concept RSPCA Victoria welcomes.

“Pets matter to people, so we support the implementation of a pet census knowing it will provide vital data to support targeted initiatives that will help Victorians better care for their pets,” said Dr Walker.

Dr Walker said the budget funding will help improve animal welfare across the state and reflects the community’s desire to better care for animals and the government’s commitment to support this.

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