Become a foster carer

Foster carers provide homes for pets who aren’t ready for adoption. Fostering is a rewarding volunteer experience that improves the wellbeing of pets by reducing the amount of time they spend in a shelter. Below are the basics of foster care, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What is foster care?

Foster care is a temporary placement for animals who aren’t ready for adoption.

Why do animals need foster care?

The four most common reasons pets need a foster carer are:

Junior: Pets who are too young for adoption. This may be a litter or with a nursing mother.   

Behavioural: Providing support to a pet exhibiting unwanted behaviours.

Medical: Monitoring and treating pets that are recovering from an illness or surgery.

Protective Custody: Pets awaiting the outcome of a cruelty court case.

What are the benefits of foster care for pets?

  • Reduced stress and anxiety (which can occur in the shelter environment).
  • Confidence building and socialisation during critical periods
  • Opportunity for training and living in a home prior to adoption
  • Reduces the risk of becoming unwell or being susceptible to contagious diseases Able to let their true personalities shine in a home environment!

How long are pets fostered?

Every pet is different, but generally two weeks to six months.

What animals are in the foster care program?

  • Kittens and cats
  • Puppies and dogs
  • Guinea pigs and rabbits
  • Rats and ferrets
  • Livestock such as chickens.

How are Foster carers supported?

  • Training, ongoing support and communication
  • 24-hour vet assistance
  • All the food and supplies you will need.

Make a life-saving difference to pets in need. Become an RSPCA Victoria foster carer today.

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