Wombat in the Room marks 150 years for RSPCA Victoria

Published on 1 March 2022

Online art auction launches today

Thirty unique wombats painted by Australian artists will go to auction online today (Monday 7 March) to mark the 150th anniversary of RSPCA Victoria, with all funds raised supporting RSPCA Victoria’s mission to end animal cruelty.

The ‘Wombat in the Room’ art auction includes 30 stunning pieces of art that showcase 150 years of animal care, protection, education and advocacy by the RSPCA, with the auction closing on Sunday 20 March.

RSPCA Victoria CEO Dr Liz Walker said the wombats represent an iconic RSPCA symbol, with bidders in for an opportunity to own a striking piece of art, as well as a piece of RSPCA Victoria history.

“The Wombat in the Room is our way of storytelling through art. Acknowledging the significant progress we have made in animal welfare, whilst also highlighting an important message.

“While we have come so far over the last 150 years, the elephant in the room – or in this case, the wombat in the room – is that animal cruelty hasn’t ended. This conversation must continue, and it is through art that we chose to emphasise this unspoken message with our community.”

Thirty artists were enlisted to paint their own wombat, each with their own style and interpretation. Artists include Carla Scotto, Clare Clarity, Jeswri, Melina McGough, Viet-my Bui, and graphic designer for Peter Alexander Sarah Jane Lightfoot – among many more.

All funds raised will go to RSPCA Victoria to help care for more than 17,000 animals every year.

Find out more, view the wombats and the full list of artists, or bid on a wombat before Sunday 20 March at: witr.rspcavic.org

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