Support for human services

We work closely with people and organisations in the community. Our aim is to support people and their animals, prevent cruelty and drive sustainable improvements in animal welfare.

Within RSPCA Victoria, the community outreach team provides support for human services workers through workshops and training.

Human services workshops

RSPCA Victoria facilitates workshops that are specifically designed for human services workers. They provide information and strategies about managing animal welfare as part of a broader client issue.

Human service workshops cover topics including:

  • Animal welfare legislation and enforcement procedures
  • Basic animal behaviour
  • Identifying welfare issues
  • Safety around dogs
  • Social programs
  • Zoonotic disease and disease management.
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Community workshops

Community workshops are tailored specifically for a community. They provide information and advice about improving animal welfare, raising awareness and issues specific to that group.

Community speakers

The RSPCA Victoria community outreach team attends workplaces or educational facilities to provide information to the community. Speakers discuss welfare topics such as legislation, behaviour, safety and disease management, as well as an overview of RSPCA Victoria’s current projects.

Animal management training program

The RSPCA Victoria community team offers specially designed training workshops for Animal Management Officers (AMOs) with interactive learning and realistic scenarios. Upskill front line staff whilst ensuring good animal welfare practices.

Key topics include:

  • Animal welfare and maintaining low stress environments
  • Identification of dog breeds
  • Dog body language and behaviour
  • Identifying signs of stress in dogs
  • Working with dogs displaying stress and fear behaviours
  • Safety around dogs
  • Using and maintaining equipment to keep people and dogs safe
  • Techniques to get dogs in and out of vehicles
  • What to do if a dog attacks
  • Cat body language and behaviour
  • Cat handling techniques
  • Identification of owned, semi-owned and unowned cats
  • Infectious diseases and zoonoses.
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RSPCA Victoria training programs

Our training programs are delivered by qualified RSPCA Victoria education officers, animal care attendants and behaviourists.

RSPCA Victoria’s training and workshops are an ideal professional development opportunity for council officers, supporting the training requirements as detailed in Council Domestic Animal Management Plans (a provision of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 section 68A).

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