RSPCA Victoria Wangaratta op shop closed

Published on 30 March 2022

RSPCA Victoria has made the decision to close its op shop in Wangaratta due to it no longer being financially sustainable, with the store closing its doors for the final time yesterday.

RSPCA Victoria would like to take the opportunity to thank the many volunteers and community members who have supported the Wangaratta store, and therefore RSPCA Victoria, over many years.

RSPCA Victoria Retail & Commerce Manager Stephanie Neil said although it has been a difficult decision, RSPCA Victoria takes its responsibility to the animals of Victoria very seriously.

“We want to thank the people of Wangaratta for supporting the RSPCA op shop over the many years it has been operating. We especially want to thank the amazing volunteers who generously gave their time to run the op shop – you have made a real difference to animals in need and we are very grateful.

“As a charity that relies on community support to fund our vital work, we know that we have a responsibility to ensure everything we do is financially sustainable and is ultimately in the best interests of our core mission – ending cruelty to animals.

“Sadly, despite the incredible support of many volunteers and community members over the years, our modelling shows us that an RSPCA op shop in Wangaratta is no longer viable,” Ms Neil explained.

Volunteers report that they have also experienced significant issues with dumping at the op shop in recent times, often having to spend copious amounts of time sifting through rubbish that isn’t in a state to be sold on. The impacts of COVID-19 have also created a shortage of volunteers, making it hard for the op shop to attract and retain people to help keep the doors open.

Ms Neil said the RSPCA Victoria Animal Care Centre in Wangaratta will be unaffected by the op shop closure.

“Our animal shelter will remain operational and available to the animals of Wangaratta and surrounds as usual. We would like to reassure the local community that our shelter doors are still open, with lots of animals looking for a second start at life in a new home. If you’d like to continue to support our cause, encourage your community to consider adopting their pet from RSPCA Wangaratta!”

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