RSPCA first aid course to provide lifesaving knowledge for pet owners

Published on 25 July 2022

RSPCA Victoria is encouraging pet owners to ensure they know basic first aid skills to care for their pets in an emergency, with the organisation to run its Pet First Aid course in-person at RSPCA Burwood East for the first time in two and a half years due to the pandemic.

The course, to be held on Saturday 20 August at 9am, will include tips about winter hazards and how to deal with them as the cold weather continues to lash Victoria. Participants will learn how to measure vital signs of life, bandage a bleeding wound, perform CPR and maintain safety while working with an injured pet.

RSPCA Victoria Education and Training Manager Belinda Marchbank said the course will provide necessary tools for all pet owners that could save lives.

“RSPCA’s Pet First Aid course is a great way for pet owners to gain some really important basic pet first aid skills that will provide them with the confidence to act in the best interest of animals in the case of an emergency,” said Ms Marchbank.

“Participants will have the opportunity to meet and work with our experienced education staff and their animals, along with industry experts, for practical, hands-on skills development.”

Ms Marchbank said there are several winter hazards that often result in an emergency visit to the veterinarian, however there are ways to prepare for these hazards.

“We’ll be talking about a range of scenarios which are common in the colder months, including how to manage radiant heat burns and what to do if a pet swallows a cooked bone from the traditional winter roast.

“Knowing what to do in the case of these emergency situations, and others, will mean you will be better able to act calmly, do the best for your pet and travel safely to your vet.”

The course also provides basic knowledge about how to care for a pet that has been injured by a car and the steps to take when travelling to seek veterinary care.

RSPCA Victoria’s Pet First Aid course is $115 per participant. For more information or to book visit

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