Our Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Published on 18 April 2022

Some RSPCA Victoria services, including dog adoptions and the vet clinic, are available by appointment only. You can walk-in to visit our retail store or for takeaway at The Bakery Café at Burwood East animal care centre.

This page will be updated as new information becomes available

To view RSPCA Victoria’s full COVIDSafe Plan click here.

Animal cruelty reports and our Inspectorate Inspectors are continuing to investigate animal cruelty reports while taking care to adhere to strict health, safety and social distancing guidelines. Cruelty reports can be made via the normal channels, either online via rspcavic.org/report or if an animal’s life is at immediate risk, by calling (03) 9224 2222 so an Inspector can be notified right away.

Submit an online animal cruelty report

If you believe an animal’s life is at immediate risk, DO NOT make an online report. Please call us now on (03) 9224 2222 so an Inspector can be notified right away.

Vet clinics Vet services continue to be available for all customers, including surgeries, via appointment only.

Please be mindful that for the safety of yourself, our employees and volunteers, we are accepting one person per appointment inside the clinic and ask in the consult room for visitors to wear a facemask as social distancing is not possible.

RSPCA Burwood East Vet Clinic – phone (03) 9224 2222

RSPCA Peninsula Vet Clinic – phone (03) 5978 9000

Animal emergencies


If a pet needs emergency care outside of opening hours a list of animal emergency centres can be found on the website. 
Adoptions Our sites will continue to operate on an adoption-by-application model, however walk-ins are accepted on adoption sites for cats, rabbits and guinea pigs only.

When browsing our available animals online, applications to adopt can be submitted by clicking the blue ‘Apply Online’ button. Once an application has been submitted, the applicant will be contacted with information on next steps. We are unable to book adoption appointments unless an online application has been submitted.

RSPCA Burwood East
3 Burwood Hwy
Burwood East VIC 3151
P: (03) 9224 2222

RSPCA Peninsula
1030 Robinsons Road
Pearcedale VIC 3912
P: (03) 5978 9000

RSPCA Wangaratta
1 Connell Street
Wangaratta VIC 3677
P: (03) 5722 8744

RSPCA Warrnambool 
23 Braithwaite Street
Warrnambool VIC 3280
P: (03) 5561 2591

Foster Thank you for your interest in fostering an animal through RSPCA Victoria.

We are continuing to receive large numbers of applications for each animal on the foster portal, so we ask that you remain patient and keep applying as more animals become available.

If you’ve recently registered as a new foster carer and have been booked into an orientation session, please continue through the process as you have previously been instructed. If you have registered as a new carer and have been unable to book into a session, please stand by and we will contact you with information on next steps.

Reclaimed animals Please contact us by telephone to discuss reclaiming an animal before coming into one of our centres. All reclaims must have an appointment time booked over the phone. Please note the contact details for our centres above.
Retail stores You can visit our online store for all your pet supply needs.

Click and Collect is available at RSPCA Burwood East only.

On-site retail stores are open for walk-ins.

Surrendered animals We have limited capacity to accept surrendered animals and are assessing on a case-by-case basis.  We’re asking members of the public to telephone us before coming into one of our centres so that we can assess our capacity to assist. All surrenders must have an approved appointment time before coming into our centres. Please note the contact details for our centres above.
 Education Our education services will continue as normal. Visitors are asked to wear a facemask where social distancing is not possible.
General enquiries For all other enquiries please contact us on (03) 9224 2222.
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