New school holiday fun – kids learn empathy and responsible pet ownership

Published on 24 November 2022

Virtual and in person activities for kids and teens.

Parents looking for educational and entertaining school holidays activities need look no further as RSPCA Victoria launches a new holiday program for summer with sessions starting in January 2022.  Filled with fun activities to keep children entertained while developing compassion and empathy for animals, the program includes both virtual and in person learning.

RSPCA Victoria’s school holiday program includes a variety of options, providing engaging content that teaches children how to better understand animals and best-case pet care. Opportunities to speak with RSPCA Inspectors and animal handlers also provide options for children who are considering a career relating to animal care.

Delivered by RSPCA Victoria’s qualified educators, RSPCA Victoria’s school holiday program is a one-of-a-kind experience, with each session designed to keep participants active and engaged and, importantly, all while having loads of fun.

Belinda Marchbank, RSPCA Victoria’s Education and Training Manager said the new program includes a variety of options suitable for different ages.

“We have some new options within the school holiday program that are designed to suit different interests and stages, from ages five to seventeen. Children will meet the friendly team of education animals, visit the onsite barn and engage in a range of educational activities.

“When it comes to teaching children about animals, it’s important to help them understand the care that is required for an animal to live a happy healthy life.  This paves the way for kinder future generations who will create better welfare for animals in our community.”

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Virtual via ZOOM

Virtual Barn Experience A visit to RSPCA Victoria’s barn to visit farm animals and hear their rescue stories. Free

In person at RSPCA’s Education Centre & Barn

Animal Time Qualified teachers will guide children through a range of interactive animal activities where they will discover what small pets need to be happy and health. $54
Animal Attendant for a day Experience some of the work undertaken by animal attendants in the animal care industry.  Hear from animal care professionals about what their role involves. $90
RSPCA Animal Rescue Discover the role of RSPCA Inspectors in responding to reports from the community and meet some of our rescued pets and farm animals. $90
First Aid for Pets Learn how to respond to an animal emergency, identify which incidents may require veterinary assistance. $90
“Baa, Cluck, Neigh” Discover the needs of farm animals with an interactive session with ponies, sheep and chickens and learn how to make treat puzzles. $90
We Love Small Pets Rabbits and guinea pigs are a popular family pet. Discover their favourite foods and games and tips for looking after small pets. $90
Fun and Games Day Just like people, animals enjoy play which helps keep them active and happy.  Discover appropriate play for a range of animals. $90
Discovering Dogs Join to meet RSPCA’s dedicated team of education dogs, learn how interpreting animal behaviour can keep people safe and dogs comfortable. $90
Training for Tricks for Treats Even pets and farm animals enjoy keeping occupied.  Learn how to train pets through positive rewards-based training. $90
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