Dogs that suit living in apartments

Pet ownership is a valued, well-established part of the Australian way of life.  While many people associate dogs with large suburban backyards, many dogs can be made to feel just as at home in an apartment. Still, even though living in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to give up on your love of dogs, it does mean you may need to do a little more homework, planning and preparation.  The key is to find the right type of dog, and to ensure they have plenty of opportunity for exercise, stimulation and attention. 

Breeds best suited to apartment living

The general rule when it comes to choosing a dog for apartment living is that it depends a lot on individual dog temperament. Quiet, less active or older dogs may be more suitable for apartment living, however all dogs will need exercise and enrichment, regardless of size or breed. When considering breeds, it’s also important to check that an apartment is suitable for an inside dog. Consider the amount of space they have to wander around and the rooms they will be able to access

Exercise and enrichment

Boredom can become a problem in even the most relaxed of animals, so it’s important to ensure dogs are provided with plenty of enrichment activities while owners are not at home.  Dogs that are left on their own during the day may also benefit from an organised dog walk or doggy day care. Dogs who are not provided with enough enrichment may exhibit behavioural issues such as constant barking or chewing items of furniture or clothing.

Daily exercise is also essential for dogs, and taking your pet on regular outings will help ensure your dog remains happy and healthy.  In terms of building requirements, apartments that are connected to communal outdoor areas can make it easier to exercise and toilet dogs without having to travel far.  

Apartments with both lift and stair access make the multiple daily exits and entrances to the building simple and lifts also make it easier for people with dogs recuperating from illness and for elderly dogs. 

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