Every pet deserves a loving home where they are happy, safe and healthy. Providing for all your pet’s basic needs is just half the task – they also need environmental enrichment and lots of love. Check out our online resources for everything on animal care – select your pet to get started.

Dogs and puppies

Canine companions are by your side with a waggy tail and a paw shake. Take care of your buddy the same way they look after you, with loyalty, respect and lots of cuddles.

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Cats and kittens

Our feline friends will often pick a sunny spot and camp out for hours, but there’s so much more to these curious creatures. Learn what they’re really saying and cater to your kitty’s every desire.

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There’s something about those long ears and that fluffy tail that melts hearts. Make sure your rabbit is happy, healthy and getting all the care and attention they need.

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Our winged friends are often delightfully cheeky and too smart for their own good. Learn all about bird care and behaviour, so your pet bird can lead a healthy and enriching life.

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Reptiles and frogs

Captivating to look at, reptiles and amphibians often have very specific needs. Make sure you’re doing everything possible to keep them healthy and happy.

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Horses, ponies and donkeys are beautiful creatures that need specialist care and deep pockets. Read articles on horse care before taking on this big responsibility.

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Other pets

Every pet requires their own special care. From a tiny mouse to a 6ft snake, information is the key to being a pawsome pet owner.

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Seasonal changes and pets

Victoria experiences extreme weather in the summer months, so be prepared with the right information to keep your pet safe.

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Looking to learn some new skills?

Want to learn more about animal care and welfare?

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