10 reasons to desex your pet

1. Things happen quickly in the animal world

There is simply no luxury of time when it comes to looking after our best friends. Kittens can begin to reproduce at only four months old. It really becomes babies having babies. Rabbits can be sexually mature at five months, and guinea pigs at just four weeks old – that’s 28 days! Being proactive is essential in ensuring we protect those we love the most.

2. Prevent unwanted pregnancies

Whilst this is probably the most obvious goal for owners, the sheer importance of this remains largely undervalued. Unexpected or unwanted litters often end up in animal shelters and pounds, depleting resources that could otherwise be used for other animals in need. Desexing your pet can free up funds that literally save lives.

3. Keep your best friend around for longer

We all know that saying goodbye is the hardest part of pet ownership, so if one simple decision could extend your animal’s life expectancy, what more is there to contemplate? It’s a no-brainer. Desexing reduces the risk of animals developing numerous health concerns, including certain cancers. Do them a favour and give them the best chance at a clean bill of health.

4. It's a jungle out there (but not in here)

The cats we bring into our homes are not quite the lions and tigers they may imagine themselves to be, so whilst some traits may be beneficial in the wild, it’s likely that these are less appreciated when displayed by our domestic felines. Desexing can reduce urine spraying and aggression, making our furry friends much friendlier (and cleaner) companions.

5. Be all about dollars AND sense

Desexing your animal is an economical decision that will likely save you considerable money in the long run. Veterinary practices perform the procedure frequently, and discount initiatives and no-fee programs are also offered around the state. It’s a minor upfront investment that can reduce or eliminate the need for costlier and more invasive surgeries down the track.

6. Rein in their wanderlust and reduce potential nasties

“I’ve been roaming around, always looking down at all I see, painted faces fill the places I can’t reach, you know that I could use somebody…” Okay, your cat may be a Kings of Leon fan, but that doesn’t mean their roaming adventures are impressive. In fact, it puts them at risk of being hit by a car, being injured or ending up in the wrong hands, and no pet owner wants that.

7. Be the person your dog thinks you are

We don’t think twice about spoiling our dogs, whether it be slipping them an extra fancy treat, or adding another teddy to their already-overflowing toy box. Still, responsible ownership isn’t just about splurging on the fun stuff, it’s also ensuring our pets are happy and healthy. Ensuring they are desexed gives them an excellent start.

8. Breeding like rabbits - there's truth behind the expression

Conservative estimates that calculate potential breeding statistics for bunnies are scary to say the least. In seven years, one female rabbit and her offspring can produce over 69 million babies. Try finding a home for every one of them! Similarly, a pair of breeding cats and their offspring can produce 420,000 kittens over the same seven-year period. It’s abundantly clear these figures are simply not sustainable. Desexing your pet means you’re doing your part to keep these numbers down.

9. Be a lifesaver by barely lifting a finger

Ensuring your pet is desexed means you’re saving the lives of countless animals in multiple ways. Not only are you saving unwanted offspring from potential euthanasia, the fact you are not contributing to the supply of puppies and kittens means you’re also giving an animal in a shelter a chance to find a home they deserve. It’s a win-win.

10. The gift that keeps on giving

You’ve heard about all the benefits that desexing can have for your own animals, but what about the other creatures that are beyond our backyard? Reduced aggression and a decreased urge to roam means that our native wildlife species are at less risk of predation and more likely to prosper than end up in the claws of our pets. Caring for all creatures great and small – it’s something we can all get behind.

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