Keeping the kids entertained during lockdown!

Keeping the kids entertained during lockdown!

Last Update Date: 12/02/2022

Lockdown 2020. If you’re a parent, this may be a time when your children are running amok indoors with nothing but home education to keep them from bouncing off the walls.
That’s why we here at RSPCA Victoria would like to offer you some simple, fun activities to take up at least a portion of your kids’ day so that you can, hopefully, get some work done. Or maybe some peace.

First things first.

Most kids love to get into the kitchen, right? Well, those of you with pooches are in luck. We have an easy DOG BISCUIT recipe to keep your canine happy. All you’ll need is some plain flour, cheese, vegetable oil or olive oil, and some water! And if you don’t have a dog, maybe you could bake them for a neighbor who does.

Click here for the full recipe and method

For our young vets in the making, why not encourage them to get some hands-on experience? If you have a stuffed animal lying about, give them the following instructions so that they can conduct their very own pet health check!

Click here for pet health check instructions

Finally, we have included a fun print-out so that kids can pretend to be a RSPCA Victoria Inspector for a day! Our inspectors play a huge role in keeping animals safe from harm by visiting properties where there have been reports of animal cruelty. They also educate pet owners on how to best care for their pets.

This print-out can be coloured-in and then cut-out. It can even be pinned to clothing using a safety pin!

There you have it. Some simple, fun activities for kids who love animals and need some distraction during lockdown. You’re welcome ??

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