Home Ever After

Those of us lucky enough to have animals in our lives are truly blessed. Our beloved pets are much more than our friends, they’re our family. They fill our hearts with love, our homes with joy and our lives with comfort and companionship.

But when life is unpredictable, it’s only natural to worry about what might happen to them when we’re gone or no longer able to care for them. If there is no one in your life you feel can give your pet a home after you pass away, our Home Ever After program is here for you and your pets.

Every precious pet deserves a Home Ever After.  To learn more about RSPCA Victoria’s free pet legacy service and request an information pack, please complete our online form.

How to give your treasured pet a Home Ever After

Once you register your pets in Home Ever After, you can have peace of mind they will be loved and found a new forever home by RSPCA Victoria after you’ve gone or no longer able to care for them.

Registration is easy. You complete a Registration form for you and one for each of your pets. This lets us know all about your pets and your wishes for them. All the important and special details that only you would know. We will keep this information safely on file, so that should we ever need to rehome your pets, we will be able to match them with the perfect new owner in accordance with your wishes.

We also provide you with some special items to keep and to give to others to let them know your pets are registered in Home Ever After.

Including your pets in your Will

We recommend you include your wishes for your pets to be cared for and rehomed by RSPCA Victoria through the Home Ever After program in your Will by including the following wording:

Regarding the future care of my pets, at the time of my passing should there be no member of my family or any of my friends to properly care for my surviving pets, I direct that my Executor give my surviving pets to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Victoria) (“RSPCA”) on the condition that my pets be found loving new homes under RSPCA Victoria’s pet legacy service, or other equivalent program or policy in place from time to time. I further direct my Executor to arrange for the transportation of my surviving pets from their current residence to an agreed RSPCA site.

You can download our suggested wording to include your pets in your Will here.

Let your love for animals live on

Animals give us a better life. Will you leave them a better world?  Home Ever After is a free service we provide so that the love you feel for your pets can live on. All we ask in return is that when you include instructions in your Will for your pets that you also consider including a gift to RSPCA Victoria.

As an animal lover, taking this thoughtful step is also a beautiful way for you to make the world a better place for animals in need.

Get in touch

Please contact the Home Ever After Coordinator if you have any questions or would like to register your pets.  Every precious pet deserves a Home Ever After.

P: 03 9224 2238
E: homeeverafter@rspcavic.org.au

To request an information pack, please complete our online form.