Construction kicks off on new cat and small animal care centre

Published on 12 April 2022

Construction has begun at a new Cat and Small Animal (CASA) Care Centre at RSPCA Peninsula that will enable best-practice care and shelter for more than 2,500 cats, rabbits and guinea pigs annually.

Purpose-built and designed by specialist architects with advice from veterinary and animal behaviour experts, the new facility will include the latest design and technology for care and shelter, so animals can heal faster and are adopted into loving, forever homes more quickly.

RSPCA Victoria CEO Dr Liz Walker said that with the existing facilities at RSPCA Peninsula being over 30 years old, it can be challenging for staff and volunteers to currently provide modern, best-practice care to animals in their time of need.

“RSPCA Peninsula accepts every cat, kitten and small animal that is brought to us, and their welfare is our first priority.

“Sadly, these animals often come to us scared, sick, neglected, traumatised and friendless. We know that shelter environments can be stressful for cats in particular, which can lead to health and behavioural problems that make it harder for them to recover and be adopted,” Dr Walker said.

“The new CASA Care Centre will increase our capacity to protect and care for more cats in state-of-the-art accommodation, an isolation wing and spacious cabins that help each cat feel safe and comfortable.”

The CASA Animal Care Centre will include:

  • The ability to care for around 250 cats, kittens and small animals at one time, giving each one a healthy, safe and stimulating environment that reduces stress and allows them to recover quickly. This equates to about 2,500 animals over a year.
  • Purpose-built accommodation and adoption facilities for small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • A separate isolation wing to care for cats suffering from ringworm and other infectious diseases.
  • A long-term wing with outdoor runs for cats that need to extend their stay.
  • An adoption wing where visitors will be able to spend relaxed time with cats in special meet and greet rooms to get acquainted before taking them home.

The $4.75 million facility is being funded thanks to generous RSPCA Victoria bequestors and donors. It will be environmentally responsible, with solar panels supplying electricity and an ozone gas laundry that offers superior cleaning and disinfection while using less water.

Dr Walker said RSPCA Victoria is looking forward to welcoming the public into the new facility when construction and set up is completed, expected to be in January 2023

“By creating a comfortable, healing shelter environment, cats and small animals will find happiness in their new forever home more quickly and we will be able to reduce costs while delivering best-practice care.”

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