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Suspect an illegal breeder?

Do you suspect animal cruelty?

Do you suspect animal cruelty? 

If you suspect an act of animal cruelty requiring urgent attention please complete our cruelty complaint form

Do you have a puppy  for kitten factory tip off? 

RSPCA Victoria’s Tip Off service is the place to share your feedback on potential intensive puppy and kitten breeders in Victoria.  

These unscrupulous breeders are rife across Victoria but often operate in secret. Do you have any suspicions or evidence of these intensive breeders in your community? Have you seen something that you feel just isn’t right? Tell us first! 

Please submit any tips you may have and we will assess your information and act accordingly to ensure those most vulnerable are protected.

Your Tip Off will help us gather intelligence of possible intensive puppy and kitten breeders in Victoria and even interstate.  

However, if you suspect an act of cruelty requiring urgent attention please complete a cruelty complaint form.

Click here for tips on how to identify an intensive breeding facility. 

Our role 

RSPCA Victoria is the only state-wide animal welfare body with powers to legally conduct investigations, seize and prosecute under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 and the Domestic Animals Act. Your Tip Off  may lead to an investigation or prosecution.

As these illegal breeders operate throughout Australia, we work closely with our interstate RSPCA inspectors and Police; sharing intelligence to ensure any intensive breeder, regardless of their location, is brought to justice.  

This cruel industry must be shut down. The animals living in these facilities are deprived of basic needs and endure immense suffering. They often do not receive any human contact, see sunlight and are forced to live in tiny cages whilst living in squalor. 

Your Tip Off

Your feedback is critical. This illegal industry is highly networked, often operating in multiple locations across Victoria and even interstate. 

Please note your feedback will be treated as information to support our efforts to monitor suspicious operators as well as build on existing cases

We respect your privacy. All information disclosed is completely confidential.


Your feedback matters to us.
If you have details of a potential illegal breeder, share your tip off.


If you suspect animal cruelty, complete our form. 


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