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Pets for apartments

Even though apartments tend to be compact, with little to no outdoor areas, there are still many animals who would love to share your small space with you.

Cats and rabbits can both thrive in an apartment setting, and because they are meticulously clean and can be toilet trained, limited outdoor space is not an issue.

Guinea pigs will also make great pets for the apartment and great companions for the apartment dwellers because they only require fairly simple care.

The RSPCA recommends that our loveable felines live an indoor lifestyle if they don't have access to an outdoor enclosure for a number of reasons. By nature, cats are predators and could potentially harm native wildlife; cats are at high risk of injury from fighting with other cats when outdoors; cats are more susceptible to catching disease from other cats and animals when they are free roaming outside.

Similarly, rabbits are very clean animal and can be toilet trained too. While it is not advisable to leave these furry little friends out of an enclosure when unsupervised, allowing it to run about your apartment while you are home will make sure your bunny is content and gets the exercise it needs.

Cats, rabbits and guinea pigs are also great pets to have in high density living as they are extremely quiet and are highly unlikely to annoy neighbours. If you are living in an apartment and would like to have a pet, one of these animals could be just right for you.

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