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Adopt kittens in pairs

Are you thinking about adding a furry little feline to your family? Why not double the love!

Each year, the RSPCA cares for hundreds of unwanted and abandoned kittens.To help give these bundles of joy the happy endings they deserve, we have reduced their adoption fee to $300 for a pair of kittens aged up to four months.

All kittens adopted from the RSPCA are health checked, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments. This gives your new companions a very happy and healthy start to their new lives with your family, and it’s all included in the adoption fee.

Two kittens are twice the fun!

Moving in with a new family is a big change for a small kitten. There are lots of new people to meet, places to explore and toys to play with! With a fellow kitten to share this exciting journey, your kittens will always have comfort and companionship right by their sides.

Kittens are sociable creatures that adore each other’s company. They speak the same language, enjoy the same games, and provide comfort and luxurious kitten baths. Best of all, they are there to cuddle and play with each other when you aren’t home, so they’ll never be lonely!

Kittens may be little, but their personalities are huge! Kittens make wonderful companions and have endless love and devotion to share. With a variety of colours and personality types, you’re sure to find your pawfect duo at the RSPCA.

We recommend that you consider purchasing two cats together. For example two siblings, kittens of similar age, or any two cats that are known to get along.

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