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Small animals supplies sale

Just like cats and dogs, bunnies and guinea pigs also need activities, stimulation and enrichment. Without things to play with, our smaller friends can become bored and frustrated.

Stock up on chew toys, treats, feeders, waterers, hay and more with 20% off all small animal supplies during April!

Scurry in now to give your small animals big amounts of joy!

Available at these retail stores:

RSPCA Burwood East
3 Burwood Hwy
Burwood East VIC 3151 (view map)
RSPCA Peninsula
1030 Robinsons Rd
Pearcedale VIC 3912 (view map)
By purchasing a product from RSPCA Victoria, you will be making a direct contribution to our work, helping us to fight animal cruelty. Your purchases will also support us to provide community education on animal welfare issues and help bring about improvements to animal welfare legislation. Most importantly, your purchases will help us look after the stray and abandoned animals currently in our care.

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