Welcome to the RSPCA Victoria Local Government Support page

RSPCA Victoria is committed to working with the Local Government sector to achieve wonderful animal welfare outcomes across Victoria. The resources on this page are designed for local government use.

The purpose of this page is to provide councils with current, relevant and supportive tools to help assist in their activities and work together towards common goals. 

These goals include:
- reducing the number of animals being impounded at shelters or pounds
- increasing animal registration figures across Victoria
- promoting and supporting responsible pet ownership
- ensuring that euthanasia rates decrease in municipalities
- increasing 84Y agreements with Vet Clinics

For any other types of support, contact the Community Support Officer.

Community Support Officer Role

The Community Support Officer is responsible for connecting and engaging with councils across Victoria, to help them reach their objectives in their Domestic Animal Management Plans and ensure that animal welfare initiatives are considered throughout the implementation of the Plan. 

In conjunction with Project Partners Australian Veterinary Association (Victoria) and the Municipal Association of Victoria, RSPCA Victoria has identified four initiatives that when implemented by councils, will improve animal welfare, reduce the cost of animal management and/or increase revenue over the next few years. The four initiatives are: 

1. Establish 84Y agreements with local veterinary practices to allow them to receive and reunite stray animals 
2. Return animals directly home instead of impounding, when they are found at large for the first time and are microchipped and registered 
3. Communicate the benefits, not just requirement, of registration
4. Increase registrations through incentivising and simplifying the process, as well as conducting a registration blitz

Local Government Training

RSPCA Victoria offers Animal Management Training programs for Council AMOs to help them be confident and effective in all animal related tasks, whilst ensuring good animal welfare. Click here for more information.

Local Government Forum - Returning animals directly home: Nov 2018



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