Stories Of Hope

RSPCA Victoria is here to help people affected by the summer bushfires to care for their animals during the recovery period.

Reach out to us if you or somebody you know needs a hand with their animals as they get back on track after the bushfires. Contact us by submitting the contact form online, or calling the RSPCA Victoria bushfire support line on 03 9224 2222. 

3 guinea pigs and 2 water dragons

Sadly, Julie and her family lost their house in the devastating bushfires. The family, including their beloved pets – 3 guinea pigs and 2 water dragons, have now moved into a temporary rental property. The fires also claimed their outdoor pet enclosures and the family were doing all they could to provide safe and comfortable housing for their pets in their temporary surroundings. Julie reached out to the RSPCA Victoria bushfire support team and we were delighted to be able to provide some much needed pet supplies, including a new guinea pig hutch and a new enclosure for the water dragons – with a nice new pond for them to bathe in! We made sure the pet enclosures were portable so Julie can take them back home when they eventually return.

It’s wonderful to see Julie, her family and their pets enjoying the new enclosures!

A new home for 2 goats

Cindy and her family were forced to evacuate their home earlier this year due to the summer bushfires. They fought hard to defend their house and stayed right up until the last minute before they were forced to leave for their own safety. The family were devastated that they had to leave behind their two beloved pet goats when they evacuated. Once they were able to return home they were overjoyed to find their pet goats and the house had survived, they did however lose their sheds and paddocks including the goats shelter. The family immediately put together a makeshift shelter for their goats but were worried it would not keep their pets warm and dry when the cold weather hit.

Cindy reached out to RSPCA Victoria for help and the team sourced some building supplies for a brand new shelter. We are so happy to see the goats enjoying their new home!