Last Update Date: 27/01/2022

Most dogs require grooming. Whether it’s just an occasional nail clip, or full two hours of pampering. Some breeds of dog require regular grooming to stay healthy.

RSPCA Burwood East has a full dog grooming salon ready to pamper your pooch and get them clean, clipped and looking smart. 

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RSPCA Victoria’s trained groomers have a wealth of experience and a passion for making your pooch look their best. 

Why groom your dog?

Grooming your dog isn’t just about fashion, it keeps them comfortable. For some breeds grooming is essential to stay healthy. Reasons to keep up with your dog’s grooming include: 

  • Your dog will look smart and smell great.
  • Reduces risk of infections in sensitive areas.
  • Prevents matting.
  • Easier vet visits and interactions with people and pets.
  • Meeting the grooming team is good for your pooch’s social skills.
  • Avoid costly vet bills by keeping your dog healthy.

Whether you bring your pooch along to our doggo spa in Burwood East, or reach for the clippers yourself, keeping up to your dog’s grooming makes for a happier pooch. 

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