Bushfire Assistance

Last Update Date: 27/01/2022

RSPCA Victoria supports the community during and after bushfire season to take care of their animals. Working with local people and organisations, RSPCA Victoria is involved in community projects and initiatives that aid recovery and help plan for the future. 

Support and Recovery Plan

RSPCA Victoria forms part of the Victorian Emergency Animal Welfare Plan. Read more about the Bushfire Recovery and Response plan below.

Zoos Victoria and RSPCA Victoria build a Koala Hospital

Zoos Victoria and RSPCA Victoria are joining forces to build a modern veterinary facility for sick and injured wildlife, here are the project basics:

  • $1.84 million koala hospital built at Werribee Open Range Zoo.
  • $1.3 million from generous donations made to RSPCA Victoria.
  • 400% Increase in care capacity for wildlife.
  • Greater resources for Zoos Victoria’s team to respond during emergencies. 

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Victoria’s Rural Young Activators Program

RSPCA Victoria teamed up with the Youth Affairs Council Victoria’s Rural Young Activators Program. Here’s how it works:

  • Supporting young people from rural areas to develop their advocacy work on important community projects. 
  • Young Activators will deliver animal welfare projects that assist bushfire affected areas recover and help plan for the future. 

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Initial Bushfire Emergency Support

RSPCA Victoria are some of the first responders for animals in need of emergency bushfire support.

Evacuation Support

RSPCA Victoria staff assisted with the evacuation of more than 1,000 people and 120 animals from Mallacoota. Arriving in Melbourne on two Navy ships, RSPCA Victoria handed out leads and offered pet transportation to relief centres.

Image: RSPCA Inspectors assisting people and pets from Mallacoota

Emergency Boarding for Pets

Emergency boarding for pets was opened at the Wangaratta Animal Care Centre. During January they housed more than 110 animals while their families made arrangements and evacuated their homes. Dedicated volunteers assisted with animal transfers from the local relief centre to the shelter.

Images (L-R): Some cute little boarders, Volunteers Sue and Brian transferring animals to our Wangaratta shelter, Cats Monfizz, Bright Eyes and Cimmie being picked up after emergency boarding at our shelter

Helping Wildlife in MAC

On Wednesday, 8 January RSPCA Victoria deployed the Mobile Animal Care (MAC) Unit to Bairnsdale to help care for wildlife impacted by the bushfires.

Vets triaged and provided much-needed medical attention to alleviate suffering and help save Victoria’s most vulnerable animals from total devastation.

Images: Scenes from the RSPCA Victoria Mobile Animal Care (MAC) Unit in Bairnsdale

Animal Care Packages

RSPCA Victoria employees created over 300 animal care packages for pet owners in affected communities in Victoria. The packs included food, treats, toys, a bowl and Advocate treatment, helping people displaced by bushfires to care for their pets. This initiative will continue and packs dispatched as needed throughout the recovery period.

Images: RSPCA Victoria staff packing animal care packages

Bushfire Hotline

In January the bushfire support line opened to aid people and their pets who were impacted by bushfires.

Image: Our dedicated bushfire support contact centre at RSPCA Burwood

How You Can Help

There are lots of ways you can help animals that have been affected by bushfires. 

The Lions Club Need for Feed Drive


Conservation Volunteers Australia

The Need for Feed drive is providing fodder to bushfire affected farmers. It’s a team effort during bushfire season, and extra pairs of hands may be needed. Register your interest so you can be contacted if needed. Register your interest in volunteering to support environmental recovery activities in bushfire affected areas.

Donate fodder

Emergency volunteer

Conservation Volunteer


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