When all else fails

If you’ve tried everything and can’t find a way for you and your pet to stay together, then rehoming them is the only option.

How to rehome your pet

Rehoming is often traumatic for both you and your pet. You’ve built a bond and are the centre of their universe. If you need to say goodbye, there are ways to make it easier on both of you.

Contact the breeder

If your pet is a purebred, you can try contacting the breeder. They might offer to take back the animal, or know someone who wants your particular breed.

Advertise your pet

It’s often better for you to rehome your pet so they don’t spend time in a shelter. Create an advertisement and check any applicants thoroughly so you know your buddy is going to a loving new home.

Find your local shelter

RSPCA Victoria shelters are often at capacity, but never want to refuse a pet in need. Call your local animal shelter and find out if they have space, make an appointment and give your pet a chance to find a new home.

Prepare your pet for their new home

Giving your pet a little pampering could help them find a new home. Make sure your pet is desexed, microchipped and has been to the groomer. Not only does this give them the best chance of being rehomed, it also reduces the cost to the new owner or shelter taking them in.

Don’t abandon your pet

Abandonment causes many problems for your pet, the community and RSPCA Victoria:

  • Strays can cause harm to themselves and others
  • If not desexed, they will breed
  • Abandoned pets often damage natural habitats and kill wildlife.
  • The animal may not know how to survive or get hurt
  • Rescuing animals uses RSPCA Victoria’s resourcesThe animal can develop behavioural problems, making them more difficult to rehome.

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