Happy tails

There’s nothing better than seeing our rescued animals heading off to start a new chapter with a loving owner. They may have hit a rough patch, but we have done our best and now it’s over to you. We’re never happier than giving them a final boop on the snoot, a last scratch behind the ears and a final cuddle, because we know they’re heading off on their next adventure.

Tell your tail

Thousands of pets go through our doors each year, and each has their own “tail” to tell. The chapter with us may have ended, but we love hearing how the RSPCA Victoria alumni are getting on. If you’ve adopted from us and would like to share your happy tail, get in touch and submit your story. Try to include photos and let us know how your new pet is enriching your life, then we can share it and get more people like you to see the unparalleled benefits of adopting a pet.

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