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Help animals like Jasper

Jasper the retriever was found wandering the streets covered in horrible burns. 

“When they rushed him into the clinic, his wounds were shocking” remembers Dr Lee, the RSPCA Victoria vet who treated Jasper. “We’re so lucky he didn’t lose his eyes.”

Those scars are from chemical burns. “The wounds were trying to heal, but he had an infection,” explained Dr Lee. “On a human we’d call these third degree burns, and it looked like they’d been left for weeks.” These burns can sink deep through your skin peeling away layers. They can damage nerves, and organs. 

Jasper needed serious medical treatment when he came in.

Please support animals in care just like Jasper, and become their Guardian Angel today.

You can see that the chemicals barely missed his eyes. We didn’t know how bad the infection was, or how much pain he was in. Jasper’s wounds were treated every day in the beginning. Carefully rinsed with saline, and gently soothed with medication. Over weeks and months, his back and face wounds slowly healed. You can see patches of fur have regrown on his face. 

In care, Jasper was unsure of how to act with toys. He was suspicious of human hands, and fearful of punishment. It was heartbreaking. You wonder what his life was like.

Jasper’s foster carer shared that even today he “still collects toys in a pile to guard. He doesn’t understand that he can play fetch. He’s over a year old but it’s like he was left alone a lot.” Sadly he still “scares very easily at most noises, even if a child raises their hands.”

Across November and December, almost 5,000 animals will sleep in a RSPCA Victoria shelter. That’s why we launched the Guardian Angel appeal. It’s the RSPCA’s national appeal to make sure that every animal in shelters across the country has someone watching over them this Christmas. Someone to help provide them with the care they so desperately need until they can find their forever home.  

You might not be able to give every animal a home, but you can be their Guardian Angel.

With your kind gift – you’ll become a Guardian Angel for a shelter animal in need this Christmas.

The journey to be completely healed for these animals can be a long road. Some will carry their scars forever. But animals like Jasper are amazing survivors when you give them a chance. Please add your support today.