Find Your Footy Friend

Adoption fees reduced on dogs and puppies!

For three days only, we’re significantly reducing the adoption fees for all dogs and puppies. Tag in a new teammate for your family at RSPCA Victoria this long weekend!

From Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October, adoption fees will be as follows:

Animal  Fee 
Dogs $450 – 1,200 $50
Puppies* $600 – 1,200 $150
Senior Dogs No fee! 

*Under 6 months

When you adopt from RSPCA, your pet will also come:   

  • desexed 
  • vaccinated 
  • microchipped
  • and have a health and behaviour check 

…saving you hundreds of dollars. Plus, you’ll have a new best friend! Pets make our lives better, and this long weekend is the pawfect time to add one to your home enjoy the game with your new mate, and many seasons to come!

If you’re ready to adopt, come down to one of our shelters to get started:

RSPCA Burwood

3 Burwood Highway, Burwood East

Adoptions open 10am to 4pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

RSPCA Peninsula 

1030 Robinsons Road, Pearcedale

Adoptions open 10am to 4pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

RSPCA Warrnambool

23 Braithwaite Street, Warrnambool

Adoptions open Friday 10am-12pm

Sunday 10am-4pm

Find Your Footy Friend FAQs

Why are these animals being adopted at a discount rate?

We are keen for all the animals in our care to find their loving forever home. Special adoption promotions are great at encouraging people to act now, particularly if they’ve been considering a new pet, not just think about adopting one day.

Normal adoption procedures apply, so even though the adoption fee has been reduced, the same time and effort goes into matching each animal to the right family.

There is no evidence to show that the adoption price impacts an animals subsequent care and welfare, nor does it increase the rate of returns.

Is it ok to adopt animals at discounted fees?

Anyone wanting to adopt an animal from the RSPCA will still have to go
through our adoption process to ensure it is a good match for both the pet and family, and that they can provide for the specific behavioural and environmental needs of our animals.

The RSPCA has held several successful discounted and even fee-waived adoption promotions since 2010. Through all these promotions our adoption process has stayed the same – only the fee has changed.

There is no evidence to show that the adoption price impacts an animals subsequent care and welfare, nor does it increase the rate of returns.

How long does the adoption process take?

Adoptions can take more than 60 minutes, so please make sure you allow enough time for this when you visit us.

Can I put a dog or puppy on hold prior to the promotion?

Unfortunately, no. If you would like to adopt a pet prior to the Find Your Footy Friend promotion please do so, as you could risk missing out on adopting a particular animal.

Is there a limit to the number of animals a family can adopt?

Dogs will only be adopted in pairs if they are already bonded. Otherwise, it is recommended to only bring home one new dog at a time to allow them time to get settled in before introducing another new dog.

If someone already has a dog at home, the regular adoption procedure will apply and they will be asked to bring in their current dog for a meet & greet with the new dog prior to taking them home.

How much does it normally cost to adopt a dog or puppy from RSPCA Victoria?

RSPCA Victoria’s regular adoption fees start at:

  • Dogs: $450
  • Puppies: $600
  • Senior cats and dogs: No Fee

How much does it cost to get an animal prepared for adoption?

The cost of care for each animal varies based on their specific needs and length of stay. All animals care would include the following:

  • Desexing (starts from $91)
  • Microchipping ($39)
  • Vaccinations (starts from $83)
  • Vet checks ($65)
  • Other health care costs may include dental care ($250) and x-rays (up to $500)

Our adoption fees are well under our animals’ treatment and care costs – costs that we will not recover, but we want to do all we can to find every one of these beautiful creatures a forever home. Any contribution great or small will help us ensure many more animals get the happy ending they deserve.

Does the senior animal adoption fee waiver still apply during the promotion?

Yes, all senior animals will continue to have their adoption fee waived. Depending on breed, dogs are considered ‘senior’ at different ages, this ranges from 9-12 years, but senior dogs will also have a $0 adoption fee.

Do those adopting get a FREE bag of Royal Canin pet food?

Our standard dog adoption fees include a bag of Royal Canin pet food per animal, however, this is not included during this promotion.

Adoption packs do however include a 20% off voucher for Royal Canin Pet Food which can be used at the time of adoption.*

*20% Off Royal Canin voucher excludes veterinary diets.