How eight Australian brands are helping end cruelty to animals

Million Paws Walk is the most important event on the canine calendar and raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to help animals in need. We couldn’t hold this event without the support of our volunteers and community, including some very special sponsors who make this event possible. Read about the eight brands that are helping us end cruelty to animals.

Hill's Science Diet

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is once again joining us as a National Sponsor for Million Paws Walk! Their generosity doesn’t stop there; for 20 years Hill’s Science Diet has fed every single dog and cat in RSPCA shelters across Australia. They supply and deliver an average of 350,000 kilograms of pet food to RSPCA member societies each year. 

So many animals have been rehabilitated thanks to the nutrition from Hill’s Science Diet. Their food not only helps bring malnourished animals back to a healthy weight but is used to treat dental, joint and skin problems in our shelter animals. Their support of Million Paws Walk goes such a long way to be able to run this event, raising money to help end cruelty to animals.

The Body Shop

This skin care and cosmetic brand is known for their love of animals and promoting animal welfare. In 1989, The Body Shop began campaigning to end animal testing in cosmetics and were the first global cosmetics company to do so.
The Body Shop has always believed in beauty without cruelty, especially as 80% of countries around the world still have no laws against animal testing. The Body Shop are working hard to make animal testing illegal worldwide by collecting eight million signatures to take to the UN.

This year they’ve partnered with RSPCA to become a National Sponsor for Million Paws Walk, and are aiming to gain 320,000 signatures for their petition by June 30. We’re so excited to have this incredible brand working alongside us to fight animal cruelty. Help us say thank you and stand up for what’s right by signing the petition today!


Bayer is already an incredible friend to the RSPCA Victoria family. In the last financial year, they donated around 15,000 doses of flea and worming treatments as well as giveaways, donations and sponsorships to help our shelter animals and our mission to end cruelty to animals.

Each cat and dog who comes through our doors is treated with Advocate, Advantage, Drontal or Droncit. This can make a drastic difference to those animals suffering severe skin conditions and worm infestations. Bayer will be joining us at the Albert Park Million Paws Walk alongside our RSPCA Victoria clinic marquee. 


Ceva and their products have been part of everyday life in RSPCA Victoria for a long time, but this is their first year being part of Million Paws Walk!

The Ceva products Adaptil and Feliway are embedded with calming pheromones, which can make a world of difference for cats and dogs who are finding shelter life particularly stressful. This year at Albert Park Million Paws Walk, Ceva will be hosting the Adaptil Chill Out Zone. This will be a quiet place with seats or enclosed pens for dogs and their owners to relax and take a break from all of the excitement. We really are excited to have Ceva on board for Million Paws Walk for the very first time!

Hush Puppies

As you can tell by their logo, these guys are big fans of our furry friends. We are so pleased to welcome this iconic brand (and iconic Basset Hound) back as Million Paws Walk sponsors this year! 

Hush Puppies is also using the power of social media to help RSPCA Victoria dogs find their forever homes. Check out their Instagram to see some of our doggos promoted as their Pet of the Week!

We’re so grateful for their generosity not only to help find dogs homes, for also for their incredible support to make Million Paws Walk a reality.

The Fox Tan

The Fox Tan create 100% Australian made & owned products that are Vegan friendly and don’t test on animals.

This year they’ve partnered with us for a very special reason. Both of the Co-Founders of The Fox Tan recently lost some very important people in their lives. One suffered the loss of her furbaby and best friend in a short period of time and the other lost her mum, who she used to do Million Paws Walk with every year.

They have decided to create a legacy for these loved ones by supporting RSPCA Victoria and Million Paws Walk.

Earth Choice

There are so many ways to contribute to the welfare of animals, including ways you may have never even considered. Earth Choice is a brand that highlights how easy it is to choose products that are good for the environment and don’t contribute to the cruelty of animal testing.

Earth Choice is dedicated to producing the most natural, plant-derived products possible. They never test on animals, or use animal ingredients, and require all suppliers to also meet these standards.

Earth Choice has supported RSPCA Victoria for many years as a sponsor of Million Paws Walk, and we’re so happy to have them on board again to make this event possible.


Precision are a graphic design, mail and print company who specialise in not for profits and are massive animal lovers! We’re so pleased to have them back again as sponsors of Million Paws Walk. Thank you Precision for supporting RSPCA Victoria to help end cruelty to animals.