When Gracie first arrived at our Burwood clinic, she was one of the saddest dogs we’d ever seen. She was terrified, traumatised and in so much pain she could barely move.

The little staffy had a terrible case of mange causing her entire body to be bright red, itchy, inflamed and almost completely hairless. She had scratched so hard her rump was bleeding and criss-crossed with scars.

Before Gracie was rescued by Inspector Jeremy, she’d been kept in a backyard with no shelter. She was never allowed inside, so all day, the sun blazed down on her red-raw skin.

Jeremy had gathered Gracie in his arms, gently carried her to his truck and thought “this is probably the first time you’ve ever had a hug”.

In that moment, Gracie’s life began to change.

Thanks to the support from generous people like you, once Gracie arrived at the clinic our vets had everything they needed to help Gracie heal.

They prescribed medications to treat Gracie’s mange and soothe her itching skin, as well as antibiotics and medicated baths to heal infections in her eyes and ears.

It took many months of vet visits and medicated baths for Gracie to recover, but she was so patient and gentle throughout.

Because of kind RSPCA supporters like you, Gracie finally knew what love felt like.

As she started to feel better Gracie’s foster carer saw her personality begin to shine through. Little by little she became the playful and happy dog she is today.

It’s heart-breaking to know that right now, another neglected animal like Gracie is out there – suffering, hurting and lonely.

We need your help to rescue them, heal their wounds, and fill their life with love and kindness.

Please, donate now to save an animal like Gracie from a life of torment and wrap them in loving care.



Support our Inspectors as they respond to cruelty reports and rescue neglected animals like Gracie.


Ensure our vets have all the equipment and medication they need to soothe an animal’s suffering.


Equip a foster carer with everything they need to show a once-abused animal love.

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