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Pawfect Match

Are you suited to an energetic dog? Do you need a cat that will enjoy the company of young children? Are you looking for a dog to be your loyal companion? Just like people, animals have varying needs and personalities so it is important to make sure that pet you bring into your life will fit in with the lifestyle you lead.

View the questions below and find out your pawfect pet for your lifestyle, blue, green or orange. Then scroll through profiles of RSPCA animals looking for loving new homes that match their colour.



Pawfect match
Are you looking for your first cat or a sociable companion?

Pawfect match
Are you looking for your first dog or a low maintenance relationship?
Blue cats are sociable with people and other pets. Blue cats fit into most households with ease and are suitable for first-time cat owners.

As a blue home, you may have limited time or ability to train and exercise your dog but are looking for the companionship of a pawfect dog suited to your lifestyle. You may have children.

Pawfect match
Are you looking for a cat that will be your constant companion?

Pawfect match
Would your ideal dog be your regular companion - whether that's out and about or just relaxing at home?
Green cats are social. Some may need time to settle into their new environment whilst others will race in wanting to liven up the household! Green cats are the pawfect match for an owner who wants their cat to be a constant companion. These cats are suited to a household with older children.

As a green home, you can commit extra time to help your dog with basic training and are happy to invest extra time in setting household rules. You are happy to walk your dog daily.

Pawfect match
Are you looking for an independent cat?

Pawfect match
Are you passionate about everything dogs?
Orange cats can be very independent and happy spending most of their time by themselves. Orange cats may be shy and they will need a secure place to hide when life becomes a little daunting. Orange cats are for the owner who is happy to put in a little extra effort and care for a cat that will become their companion.

Orange homes may be dog training enthusiasts who are looking for a challenge and have enough time for daily walks, games and training. You are happy to provide mental stimulation for your dog when it’s left alone and you can’t be with it.

RSPCA Adoption

Animals adopted from the RSPCA are desexed, microchipped, have friendly temperaments and in good health, so they’re ready when you are! Search for your new pawfect match below.