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Saffron's journey

Saffron first arrived at RSPCA Peninsula as a stray with a very swollen and painful eye. After lots of care and treatment, the vets decided the best thing for Saffron would be to remove his eye. He then began the recovery process and was ready to start his new life.

When it came to finding the perfect home for Saffron, staff were worried it might take some time for someone to come along who would look past his missing eye and see him for his wonderful personality. However after only a few weeks, along came Amy.

“After adopting a three legged cat (Dion) earlier this year, we decided to adopt another cat because they bring so much love into the house. We thought Dion could also use another feline friend to wrestle with instead of harassing the poor dog! 

I didn’t plan on adopting another cat who was missing something, but I instantly fell in love when I saw Saffron’s photo. 

‘Go on, go get him’ my dad said after debating whether or not we should get another cat, he could see how much it meant to me. Because of experience with my other cat Dion, I’ve found there is a bit of a misconception when it comes to the felines who are missing a leg, or eye, or ears etc.

They have just as much love to give and in a lot of circumstances require little to no extra effort on the owner’s behalf. I say this because in the 45 minutes I was at Dion’s shelter, I saw more than five people stop paying interest in him. ‘Oh, he has three legs’ they would say as they moved on to the next enclosure. 

I didn’t want that to happen to Saffron, I didn’t want him to have to wait any longer for someone who would overlook his missing eye. By giving him a home not only did we enrich the life of Saffron, our resident animals and us, but it means another space has freed up at RSPCA Victoria so another feline can get the attention and help they need! 

Saffron settled in extremely well, I have never met such a relaxed cat! He came straight out of his carrier to explore his new place, didn’t fuss in the slightest when he met the dog and was happy to let Dion do his own thing and come to him.

Saffron’s days are filled with wrestling his brother, playing with the multitudes of toys at his disposal (teasers, tunnels, balls, electronic toys, puzzle toys, a giant cat tree and more), watching tv, racing with his humans, having a good sun in the window sill or exploring the cat backyard when the weather permits!”

Thank you so much to Amy for bringing Saffron into her life, and giving him the love and care he always wanted. 

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