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The little bunny with the big personality

Recently 634 animals found their forever homes during our Clear the Shelter promotion. Sarah shared with us her story of finding Kimba, who was just one of the many animals who found a forever home that weekend. 

"I have had rabbits since I was young, and have always loved them.  It can be a challenge to get them out of their shell, but once you gain their trust and get their personality to shine through, it is absolutely worth it.  


I already had a desexed 5 year old boy (Oliver) and a desexed 6 year old girl (Aurora) at home, and I did not really have any intention of getting another bunny."  

My in-laws had wanted to adopt a German Shepard, so when RSPCA Victoria were holding their Clear the Shelter promotion, I helped them search the website for the perfect pup. As we were searching, out of curiosity I checked the website for rabbits. As I scrolled through I saw Kimba. The first thing that drew me to him was his stunning blue eyes. I thought maybe it was camera glare, but since I was going with my husband and in-laws to see the dogs, I thought I would just check him out.

After waiting in line, I finally got to look at all the adoptable rabbits. The volunteer Sue was so helpful. She gave me the back stories and personalities of each rabbit and asked me questions to help me figure out which bunny would fit into my family the best.  


It came down to two bunnies, but I couldn’t go past Kimba’s bright blue eyes. After holding him and spending a little time bonding, I was hooked.  

When I brought him home he was quite jumpy but after a few days he started becoming more comfortable around us. We have had a tough time bonding him with the other bunnies, but we were fully prepared for that. We are just taking it very slowly. Kimba is very social with people and loves to jump on our laps and lick our noses! My husband is Kimba’s favourite person, Kimba follows him everywhere. He hates when my husband is on his phone (instead of paying attention to him) and he will try to scratch and drag the phone away!

Kimba loves head pats. It doesn’t matter what he is doing, if we pat his head, he will melt. He lies down and grinds his teeth happily and sometimes will nudge our hand to tell us he wants pats.  


Kimba’s his favourite spot in the house is our bed because he likes to be up high. He is constantly binkying on the bed and digging in the blankets.

I am so glad I adopted a rabbit rather than buying one from a pet store.  Firstly because it feels good to know you have given an abandoned bunny a home and secondly it has saved me so much money. Kimba came already desexed, vaccinated, and microchipped.  Another great advantage was that there were no size surprises. My last two bunnies were advertised as “mini” or “dwarf” but they grew much bigger than they should. Kimba was six months old, so what you see is what you get. 

Kimba is such a loved member of our family now and he has brought so much joy into our lives. Thank you again to the RSPCA Victoria for all the amazing work you do. Without it, we wouldn’t have our beautiful bunny boy!

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