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The tale of two cats

This is the story of two cats adopted from separate RSPCA Victoria locations years apart, but who came together to make one very happy home. Mandy shared with us her story of adopting her two furbabies many years ago. 


"Fourteen years ago we adopted a little grey kitten from RSPCA Wangaratta and we named her Keisha. 

She’s so sweet and funny and is a very healthy, happy, much loved member of our family. Keisha was the smallest of the litter but with a bit of love she grew into a cheeky, playful, affectionate and strong girl.

She gives wonderful cuddles where she wraps both paws around our neck and lays her cheek on ours. Her favourite place to sleep is curled up in a pile of soft toys and teddies and often we can't tell which one is her!

Keisha communicates with her eyes, staring at us longingly to show us she wants something, which is what drew us to her in the first place. To this day we can't resist that beautiful face. 


Then nine years ago, on Valentine's Day, we adopted an adult ginger tabby boy from RSPCA Burwood East after we moved to Melbourne. We decided to call him Valentino.

He chose us by coming up to us and rolling over on the floor for a tummy tickle. He did this repeatedly and is amazingly good natured. Valentino has a favourite soft toy called Monkey which he offers to us when he knows we need to be taken care of. We make sure he feels safe and loved, and he always shows his gratitude.

Valentino understands a lot of words and enjoys conversations with us. If ever he's worried he seeks out a lap to snuggle on straight away!

We’re so glad these two furry friends share our hearts and lives. Thank you!"

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