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Barry the one and only

After the devastating loss of her beloved cat, Meghan decided her house needed a feline presence. She shared her story with us of finding Barry, and knowing he was the one.

“I lost my wonderful cat in June when he was 20 years old. I had him since I was only 5, and really didn't know my life without him. My partner and I feeling quite lonely without a little friend around the house, and after a few months of recovering from the loss, we decided it was time adopt a furbaby. 
That's when we decided to go have a browse at our local RSPCA. There were many gorgeous cats at RSPCA Peninsula, and it was quite overwhelming to be honest. We decided then and there that we simply couldn't leave without a new family member. Barry was the first cat we met, and as soon as we entered the enclosure, we both agreed we wouldn't be leaving without him. Immediately he was affectionate, friendly and simply charming. 

It's been a belief of mine for many years that adopting is the only way to go. There are many beautiful animals in the world already that deserve a loving home, and given the right environment they will have the chance to blossom into a confident and happy animal that they ought to be. 

We were very cautious and aware that Barry might need to be secluded in his own part of the house until he settled, but he quickly proved us wrong! As soon as he got home, he waltzed around the house in the calmest manner and made himself at right at home. His favourite activities include lounging in the sunny windowsill eating his own little pot of catnip, snuggling up with us at any opportunity (turning on the purr machine), playing with his favourite little toys and is a solid Netflix and chill enthusiast. 
We were over the moon with RSPCA Peninsula and their friendly service. I've had many cats growing up, and Barry is legitimately the most cuddly and kind little cat I've ever met. Barry has definitely found his forever home! Thanks for all the amazing work you do.”
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