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Greyhound as pets

If you are looking for a friendly, gentle dog with plenty of love to give, a greyhound may be perfect for you.

Greyhounds are intelligent, friendly dogs with a gentle and sensitive temperament, well suited to a variety of different lifestyles. They make great inside dogs as they like to curl up and sit back and take in all that is going on around them. They are also not big on barking, which makes them a great option for suburban living. 

Contrary to popular belief, greyhounds do not require excessive amounts of exercise. Although most greyhounds will have been bred for their sprinting prowess, these lovable dogs are real couch potatoes and like to spend the majority of their day fast asleep in a nice comfy spot. A regular walk and play, like you would with any dog, is enough to keep a greyhound happy!

As you would expect, the male greyhound is slightly larger than the female, with the male tending to be around 30kg versus the female at around 25 kg. Average life expectancy is approximately 12-15 years.

Unfortunately due to being bred for racing, there are many greyhounds looking for homes after their career, or as a result of not being fast enough. If you are looking for a loving, gentle dog make sure you consider a greyhound. You wont be disappointed!

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The RSPCA Greyhound Adoption Booklet is an invaluable source of information if you have adopted, or are planning to adopt a greyhound.