RSPCA Victoria is a non-government, independent charity.

We rely on donations and community support to generate more than 95% of the funds required to carry out our work protecting animals from cruelty and neglect.

Sadly, we know that there are many more animals that are suffering. Reports of cruelty to animals in Victoria is on the rise – by 4.5% this year alone.

We’re determined to do more than we ever have to stop animal cruelty and even though we’re the best at what we do, right now, we’re stretched to our limit. We simply don’t have enough people or equipment to rescue and care for every animal who needs us.


Every donation received by RSPCA Victoria will go towards the resources we need to achieve our goal of stopping animal cruelty.

Donations received will help train inspectors, provide life-saving equipment and treatment, care for animals in our shelter and most importantly, find loving homes for the defenceless animals who have been victims of horrible cruelty.


Last financial year, RSPCA Victoria received 20,681 animals into our care including 7,317 dogs, 10,764 cats, and 2,600 other animals including wildlife, livestock, horses and small animals. More than 2,637 animals required time in volunteer foster care to recover, while 4,908 were reclaimed and 10,642 animals were adopted to new loving homes in the same period.

Our inspectorate received and investigated 10,642 reports of cruelty, a 4.5% increase on last year, with each report often relating to numerous individual offences. It’s this alarming rate of growth that we need to stop.


Information about animal welfare issues in Victoria can be found on our website at www.rspcavic.org

Contact Us

If you’d prefer not to donate online, please call us on 03 9224 2582 to do so over the phone or send your donation through to:


3 Burwood Hwy
Burwood East VIC 3151

You can also contact us at fundraising@rspcavic.org.au or visit our website for more information.