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  Volunteering at RSPCA Burwood East

  Corporate Volunteering

  Work experience
Throughout the year, we have a range of volunteer opportunities available at our Burwood East site.

To work directly with RSPCA animals, experience with family pets or in another animal-related area, is essential. Professional experience and/or qualifications are not required, however they are beneficial for some roles.

The ability to commit to a regular weekly or fortnightly 4-hour shift for a minimum of six months is required and you must be a minimum of 15 years of age. 

Examples of volunteer roles performed at the Burwood East site include:

Hands-on animal care roles

Animal Care Centre
  • Cattery – cleaning, feeding and caring for cats and kittens
  • Kennels – cleaning, feeding, caring for and walking our dogs
  • Admissions – cleaning, feeding and caring for a range of animals in our initial processing area
  • Barn – cleaning, feeding and caring for our small and large barnyard animals
  • Clinic Vet Nurse Assistant  - working in our busy vet clinic, tasks include cleaning, feeding and providing pre and post surgery care for our shelter animals and private client pets (limited roles available)
Customer Service
  • Dog Grooming Assistant – assisting the dog groomer by washing dogs, helping hold animals during grooming and cleaning up after grooming

Non animal care roles

  • Events Assistant - assisting with major external and smaller internal events.
  • Storeroom Assistant - assisting with sorting, folding and distributing donated goods for our animals such as blankets, towels and sheets.
  • Op Shop Assistant - assisting in the day to day running of our Op Shops.                                                       
  • Office Administration - assisting with various tasks within our offices (ie. Marketing, Fundraising, Events, Finance and Information Systems teams).              
  • Grounds maintenance - assisting our maintenance team in maintaining the grounds at our Burwood East Shelter.                           
  • Photographer/Photography Assistant - taking photos of our adoption animals for use on their profile on our website. Some animal handling is required for this role.
  • Adoptions Assistant - assisting our adoption team during busy, peak times during the week and on weekends. Assist customers by allocating wait buzzers and assisting them to complete their adoption questionnaire.                          
  • Skilled volunteers – if you have professional skills that you wish to look at offering the RSPCA please email us your resume and your area of interest to Volunteer Resources.
  • Campaign Hero - raise the profile of our animal welfare campaigns in your local community.

What time commitment is required?

At RSPCA Burwood East, volunteers need to commit to either a weekly or fortnightly shift in the morning or afternoon on a weekday or weekend, for a minimum of six months.

Animal related roles work on a structured roster to ensure we have adequate resources to meet the needs of the animals in our care each day. Shifts in our shelter and clinic are generally 4-hours eg. 8am – 12pm or 12pm – 4pm.

Please note that we do not offer short-term, high school community service roles or one-off volunteering opportunities for individuals or groups at RSPCA Burwood East. Corporate partners can participate in our corporate volunteering program.

What's the next step?
Explore the latest volunteering opportunities available at the RSPCA.

For animal care volunteer roles, the first step is to attend an information session (compulsory in order to be eligible to apply).  Sessions for 2016 have finished.    Please check our website again in January next year for 2017 dates.   

Volunteer Applications

Applications for  animal care volunteer roles will be open to attendees of the information session (you need to have attended an information session to be eligible to apply).  Check the website in January 2017 for next dates.

For non animal care volunteer roles, apply anytime as per the process outlined in the role details.

Volunteer opportunities

Explore the latest volunteering opportunities available at the RSPCA.

Volunteer Information Sessions

Dates for 2017 will be published later this year.  

 We thank you for your interest!

RSPCA Victoria welcomes the involvement of Corporate Volunteers and has an established program in place at both our Burwood East 
and Peninsula sites.

The contribution of Corporate Volunteers
enhances the RSPCA’s operations by
providing much-needed practical assistance.

How do I get involved?

RSPCA Victoria has a number of established corporate partners actively participating in this program. We are not establishing any new corporate volunteering partnerships at this time. Please check with your employer to see if an arrangement is already in place.

P 03 9224 2222
Email Volunteer Coordinator

RSPCA Victoria values the contribution of our Interns to bring enthusiasm and new ideas to further the cause of animal welfare.

Our program provides students the opportunity to apply and further develop skills acquired through relevant academic study in a vibrant and professional work environment.

Occasionally, we are able to offer Internships in various areas of our organisation including Marketing, Campaigns and Communications, Direct Retail, Events, Finance, Information Technology (IT), Corporate Affairs, Human Resources, Animal Welfare and Local Government.

Qualifications and requirements

To apply for the RSPCA Internship program you will need the following qualifications and meet these requirements:
  • Relevant course of study relating to the Internship.
  • Commitment to the RSPCA and the role being undertaken.
  • Initiative and creativity.
  • Ability to work within a team.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Passion for animal welfare.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Analytical skills.

Education level

Minimum of second or third year University or TAFE studies.


Interns will receive no payment for the duration of the Internship.


All Internships will be conducted at RSPCA Burwood East.

Time commitment

The length of the Internship and hours required will depend on the role, the student’s availability and requirements.


The Intern is not an employee of RSPCA Victoria and is therefore not covered by WorkCover. The educational institution of the student will carry an insurance policy to cover the student for the duration of the Internship.

The RSPCA has a public liability insurance policy that provides protection against legal action from third parties arising from damage to property or injury to a third party caused by the Intern whilst undertaking their role, provided the action was done in ‘good faith’.

Occupation Health and Safety (OH&S)

The RSPCA has a comprehensive OH&S manual detailing all procedures related to OH&S and first aid. During induction, each Intern will be advised of health and safety representatives, wardens, first aid procedures and representatives, evacuation/emergency response procedures and reporting of hazards, incidents and accidents.

Student expectations

RSPCA Victoria will provide:
  • A detailed role description.
  • An Internship manual outlining our program and organisation.
  • A Standards of Behaviour brochure.
  • An Internship agreement including name, institution, dates, role description/expectations and signatures of student and RSPCA representatives.
  • Meaningful and interesting tasks and projects.
  • Orientation, training, advice and directions to complete your tasks effectively.
  • Feedback in regards to performance.
  • Completion of required paperwork and reports.
  • A certificate of Internship upon completion of your time with us.

RSPCA's expectations

As an Intern, you must:
  • Research the RSPCA and be sure of your commitment.
  • Submit a detailed application form including an updated resume and references.
  • Attend an interview.
  • Complete all tasks assigned by your supervisor in a timely manner.
  • Advise your supervisor of paperwork requirements at the start of Internship.
  • Act at all times in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Read and adhere to our Standards of Behaviour policy.
  • Always be punctual and in attendance of allocated work days.

Application process

When an internship becomes available at RSPCA, we will promote the opportunity via our website and ask that you complete an internship application form attaching your resume, cover letter and transcript of your most recent results. Once you have submitted your application, we will be in contact to advise the status of your application.

Ongoing opportunities

As an Intern you may have the option to transfer directly to our Volunteer Program upon the completion of your Internship. This may be in the area you have already worked or in other departments of the organisation. Please note, with any animal handling roles you will be provided with an Animal Handling Manual and will be required to attend an orientation session.

You are also able to apply for paid roles within the RSPCA.
There are currently no internship opportunities available at RSPCA Victoria. Please continue to check the website for any updates.

P 03 9224 2222
Email Volunteer Resources

Work experience at RSPCA Burwood East

Unfortunately we are not currently operating a work experience program at Burwood East, as we are unable to support work experience or work placement opportunities. 

For opportunities to actively learn about animal care and welfare, we would recommend students consider the following:

More information
Our Education & Learning team offers a wide range of learning experiences through various curriculum targeted programs.

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