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Free cat desexing & microchipping program

Did you know that desexing isn't just about eliminating potential unwanted litters, it can actually make your cat healthier and happier

Desexed cats are:

  • Usually more affectionate.
  • Less inclined to roam, therefore less likely to become lost or hit by a car.
  • Better protected from certain illnesses and diseases.
  • Generally less aggressive towards other cats.
  • Less likely to experience cat fight related injuries and contract feline immunodeficiency
    virus (FIV).
  • Less inclined to mark their territory through urination.
  • Prevented from displaying undesirable ‘on heat’ behaviours such as restlessness and being
    highly vocal.
  • Likely to live longer!

One of our many initiatives to promote cat desexing is by waiving or subsidising the cost to desex and microchip cats in several target areas in Victoria.  

Unfortunately we have no free cat desexing and microchipping program running this month. However, our Burwood East and Peninsula vet clinics are taking part in the National Desexing Month, offering discounted cat desexing fees for concession card holders until 31st July. Click on the button below for information on the prices and bookings.

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Help the RSPCA improve the lives of more Victorian cats by supporting our work. 

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FAQs on pet microchipping

Why do I have to desex my pet

This program is completely reliant on public generosity. Any support, great or small is greatly valued to keep this important work going.


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