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Ginny was found wandering the streets of Wendouree. Scared and alone, she was taken to RSPCA Ballarat, where our team immediately noticed that something was not quite right. Ginny appeared to have an injured rear left leg, though the true severity of the situation was not yet apparent.

Ginny was immediately seen by a vet. During the vet assessment, it was discovered that Ginny was suffering from a dislocated knee and muscle wastage. The probable cause was a broken femur – the large and uppermost bone in a dog’s rear legs. It appeared that Ginny’s broken bone had not been treated and hence healed on its own over time – a process that would have been incredibly slow and painful.

It was evident that major surgery was needed, so Ginny was transferred to the RSPCA Burwood East Animal Care Centre, where our expert team of vets examined her to determine what needed to be done to improve her quality of life. Due to the nature of her injury, it was determined that amputation was the most humane option for Ginny, as it would allow her to lead a normal, pain-free life. Thankfully, the delicate surgery was a success and Ginny made a full recovery.

Life as a tri-pawd took some adjusting, but soon enough, Ginny mastered the art of walking on three legs. Not only was she walking well – she was happily bounding around, taking it all in her stride! Ginny was finally ready to start the next chapter in her life. She spent almost a month up for adoption, until a fateful day in August 2014.

A loving family visited the RSPCA to adopt a dog. Not set on any particular breed, they simply wanted a friendly pooch that would make a great match for their children. It was love at first sight when they saw Ginny. “There was a sweetness and gentleness about her, which we discerned immediately,” they said.    

It seems Ginny is just as smitten with her new family as they are with her. “Whenever someone comes home, Ginny greets them with a big, toothy smile! We have never seen another dog that does this – it is so adorable,” her family said.

Ginny’s favourite activities include cuddling with her family, eating, snoozing in the sun, playing with her canine friends at the park, and she even seems to enjoy music. “Our older daughter plays the cello and whenever she practices, Ginny runs into the room and curls up on the floor next to her, using the soft cello case as a bed,” they said.     

Ever since she came into their lives, Ginny has had a profound impact on her new family. “Ginny has enriched our lives in so many ways. She is such a pure expression of unconditional love, joy and cheekiness that we actually learn more from her than she could ever learn from us. She provides such beautiful companionship around the home, and thanks to her, we have met so many other lovely dog owners in the area,” they said.


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