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 About RSPCA Pets Place

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Across Victoria, the RSPCA improves the lives of animals through the work of our Inspectorate, shelters, veterinary clinics and teams dedicated to community education. We couldn’t achieve so much in animal welfare without generous support from the community.

As a part of our outreach programs, we have opened our first one-stop-destination for animal care, RSPCA Pets Place, in Epping. This exciting new centre includes grooming, behaviour training, adoption, animal care advice and the latest range of products. All money raised through RSPCA Pets Place helps fund our work - caring for and protecting animals.

RSPCA Pets Place Ballarat is now open

The Ballarat community can now drop in and find out about animal care from friendly RSPCA professionals whilst learning more about positive animal welfare and the work the RSPCA team does. The services offered are adoption, grooming, pet health consults and a wealth of retail products.

Pets Place principles


Career opportunities

As Australia's leading animal welfare organisation, we are always looking for passionate people to join the RSPCA Pets Place team. Working to help animals is incredibly rewarding and our achievements are only made possible with our passionate and dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

Volunteering opportunities
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Employment opportunities
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Did you know?

Only 3.5% of the RSPCA’s operating expenses are supported by a grant from the Victorian State Government. Without generous community support our ability to help so many animals would be greatly reduced. Please donate today.

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RSPCA Pets Place Epping
Epping Homemaker Centre
560 - 650 High Street
Epping VIC 3076
P  03 9401 0222

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday - 9am to 5.30pm
Friday - 9am to 9pm
Saturday - 9am to 5pm
Sunday - 10am to 5pm

RSPCA Pets Place Ballarat
27 Albert Street
Sebastopol VIC 3356

P 03 5335 5909

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday - 9am to 5.30pm
Friday - 9am to 7pm
Saturday - 9am to 5pm
Sunday - 10am to 5pm

> Volunteering opportunities
> Employment opportunities

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